Workation at eos.uptrade: Living the life of a digital nomad in Portugal

Workation bei eos.uptrade
  • Workation is possible with eos.uptrade currently for up to 6 weeks in the EU/EEA
  • Our recruiter Hanna has tested it for us in Portugal and reports about it
  • Also exciting for travel enthusiasts: Sabbatical option at eos.uptrade


Hanna Rump, our colleague and recruiter at eos.uptrade, was in sunny Portugal - not only for vacation, but also for Workation. Reason enough to conduct a short interview with her.


Agnes: How long have you been in Portugal and what are you doing there?

Hanna: I've been traveling in Portugal now since the beginning of October. The extraordinary thing is that I have already worked one week of it normally. This is now possible with eos.uptrade. I can do my job almost 100% from the home office — so why not leave the gloomy October in Hamburg behind and catch the last rays of sunshine in the Algarve? After a week of vacation in Lisbon, I went to the beautiful Algarve for 2 weeks.


What does "workation" mean exactly??

"Workation" is a mixture of work and vacation. That means you can work from a vacation location of your choice within the EU/EEA. 


What do you like most about your workation there?

 It's much easier to work when the average temperature is around 25 degrees and you're by the sea. During a long lunch break, you can take a short dip in the sea and then just add another hour in the evening. That's just wonderful.


How long can you work from abroad at eos.uptrade?

Currently you can work from abroad for up to 6 weeks. We hope to be able to expand this even more in the future.


Can you imagine taking a sabbatical at eos.uptrade as well?

Absolutely! That is one of my biggest wishes. At the moment I am still two years short of a sabbatical. At eos.uptrade, a sabbatical is possible after five years of company affiliation. That means I will start planning in one and a half years at the latest :)


Can you recommend to do workation?

Definitively! The process is easy and it's worth it.


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