Safety first! Contactless ticketing for Munich - powered by eos.uptrade

From now on, travellers in Munich can use their smartphone to also buy season tickets such as weekly and monthly tickets using the apps of Munich transport companies MVG, MVV and S-Bahn - simple, fast and, most of all, tamper-proof!

The trend towards paperless tickets continues. Especially during the current Corona crisis, passengers appreciate all the more that contactless ticketing is easy and, above all, safe. In addition to tickets bought on the day of travel, customers can now use the apps of Munich transport companies Münchner Verkehrsgesellschaft (MVG), Münchner Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund (MVV) as well as the DB Navigator for the S-Bahn München (Munich’s urban railway) to buy season tickets. Security, especially with regard to forged tickets, is also a top priority for transport companies. The Secure Ticketing by G+D and the ticketing system of eos.uptrade make it difficult for forgers: the fact that the mobile ticket is bound to the respective device makes it impossible to copy or forward the ticket. Ticket inspectors can therefore immediately see whether the ticket was actually purchased on the device or not.

Customers really appreciate the new service. Even before the official announcement, a large number of weekly and monthly tickets were sold in the first hours after the roll-out alone.

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