NAH.SH – Mobile Ticketing for the Digital Future

Hamburg/Kiel, 16 July 2020. From now on, passengers in Schleswig-Holstein (Northern Germany) benefit from the latest versions of the NAH.SH app for iOS and Android: intuitive ticketing from eos.uptrade now adds to HaCon’s trip planner. App users can purchase their mobile tickets both in the route planner and directly for day tickets, bike day tickets and small group tickets. Payment is possible via Apple Pay, Google Pay and all other common payment methods.

“Especially now, during the Corona crisis, our completely contactless mobile ticketing is a great asset when it comes to better protecting passengers from infections and, at the same time, strengthening confidence in public transport,” says Mathias Hueske, Managing Director of eos.uptrade. “In addition, you no longer have to search for suitable change for the ticket. Travelling is therefore safer and easier than ever before. Together with our partner HaCon, we offer a one-stop solution for trip planning and mobile ticketing. We are very happy to support NAH.SH with our solution!”

Bernhard Wewers, Managing Director of NAH.SH GmbH: “With the NAH.SH app, our customers have their personal timetable with them at all times and can easily access the information they need when using public transport. Now, they will also always have the right mobile ticket at hand. To improve our app even further, we are constantly working on new ideas.”


The NAH.SH app has the following features:

  • An individual route planner for rail and bus in Schleswig-Holstein: the route planner calculates the best connection from the user’s current location, a specific address, the nearest bus stop or train station to the desired destination and shows the exact distances, footpaths, but also railway tracks and transfer times. Using the information on the user’s surroundings, the positioning function of the app automatically determines the best connection. The search can be refined via the settings menu.
  • The fare information and the different tickets are displayed along with the connections. With one click only, users can directly start their ticket purchase (mobile ticketing). The student season ticket is also integrated into the app.
  • Quick Checkout enables users to complete their ticket purchase with just one click on the ticket price – without any intermediate steps.
  • A stop overview including the next arrival and departure times as well as a map of the surrounding area enable precise orientation.
  • A map view of the current location and the surrounding area with all stops makes it easier to plan your next trip by train and bus. The display can be individually adjusted in the settings.
  • The display of real-time data always shows whether a train or bus is on time. This way, trips can be easily rescheduled.



About NAH.SH:

The Nahverkehrsverbund Schleswig-Holstein GmbH (NAH.SH GmbH | Schleswig-Holstein Local Transport Association) with headquarters in Kiel offers passengers in the true north local transport from one source: on behalf of the state of Schleswig-Holstein, it organises local passenger railway transport (SPNV) as the local authority. The districts, self-administered cities and the state of Schleswig-Holstein all work together in the integrated transport association (Verkehrsverbund) to develop a modern and efficient local transport system on rails and roads. The bus and rail companies are partners of the association.

More than 40 employees work at NAH.SH in the areas of transport planning, transport economics and communication. They’re tasked with planning and organising the local transport services: they determine the capacity and future requirements in the SPNV network. They organise and conduct public tendering for transport companies and vehicle providers and conclude contracts for the federal state with them.

The NAH.SH employees also arrange and update timetables, check the infrastructure and stations and drive forward their modernisation and development. NAH.SH also controls the consistent public communication for local transport in Schleswig-Holstein. This also includes customer-friendly services, digital services and a uniform tariff system for the entire state.

The goal of NAH.SH is to win over more passengers for public transport in Schleswig-Holstein with an attractive range of services. With success: since 1995, demand has increased by around 40% throughout the state.

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