eos.ticketingsuite VDV-KA certified

Hamburg August 1, 2022. eos.ticketingsuite has been certified by VDV eTicket Service GmbH as 100% VDV-KA compliant. This means that the successful central platform for digital sales and ticketing from eos.uptrade is now officially compatible with the Germany-wide eTicketing standard.

To obtain the important certification, eos.uptrade's software went through the extensive testing program with numerous real-life use cases – and all tests were successfully completed including organizational aspects such as the processing of blacklists and the handling of invalid SAMs.

Mathias Hüske, CEO at eos.uptrade: "I am very pleased that the eos.ticketingsuite has now been officially confirmed as a certified system. Many of our customers rely on the VDV-KA standards. Therefore, it is important that our systems meet these requirements without any exceptions and that they were audited by an independent authority. I'm very proud of the team that pushed this development of our platform."

Behind it all is the mission of the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV) to enable the interconnection of all electronic fare management (EFM) systems using the core application and standardization, and ultimately to reduce barriers for accessing to public transport. All appropriately certified systems are able to communicate and network with each other. The proven compatibility with VDV-KA thus enables transport companies to quickly put system components into operation regardless of the manufacturer - without prior lengthy tests or adaptations. VDV eTicket Service GmbH defines the standard (((eTicket Deutschland and develops new technical solutions, supports the participating companies and suppliers, establishes organizational rules and monitors them.

The eos.ticketingsuite has a wide range of functions that can be selected and used by transport companies on a modular basis. Tickets can be generated via app, web or at the POS. The platform enables the integration of a wide variety of fare concepts: from student tickets to combination tickets to multi-trip tickets. Also integrated are XiXo functions, travel planning tools, fare servers and the selection of different payment providers or sales data systems. 

More information about the eos.ticketingsuite is available at https://www.eos-uptrade.de/en/solutions/ticketingsuite



Das VDV KA-Zertifikat für die eos.ticketingsuite

Mathias Hüske, CEO, and Philip Fürmann, Head of Product an Projects at eos.uptrade in Hamburg, are pleased about the successful certification.


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