Awarded Security for the 9-euro Ticket App

  • 9-euro ticket app awarded as TRUSTED APP
  • Success for eos.uptrade´s development standards 

Hamburg, July 04, 2022. More and more people are both purchasing and using the 9-euro ticket in Germany. At the end of June, just one month after the start of sales, a total of over 21 million 9-euro tickets had already been sold. In order to simplify the purchasing process, the Verband der Deutschen Verkehrsunternehmen (Association of German Transport Companies), Mobility Inside and Deutsche Bahn brought out a digital helper with the 9-euro ticket app shortly before the start of the project. Interested parties can purchase the local transport ticket with just a few clicks.

Security analysts and data protection experts from APPVISORY have now examined the 9-euro ticket app for how it handles user data and compliance with data protection and security regulations.

The team of experts tested both the current iOS version 1.1 and the Android version 1.0.1 as part of the TRUSTED APP test procedure. During the pre-penetration test, the experts carefully examined the technical implementation and the implemented security measures. The review of data protection and security standards are also part of the process. 

The result: The 9-euro ticket app collects remarkably little data, sends it only in encrypted form, and does not ask for unnecessary authorizations. As an added bonus, the users of the 9-euro ticket app do not have to worry about the often problematic cookie loading. The app was consequently awarded the well-known “TRUSTED APP” seal of quality. *

"Excellent security - that is a strong confirmation of our development standards, which guarantee compliance with all data protection and security standards through privacy-by-design, even under great time pressure," said Mathias Hüske, CEO of eos.uptrade. The company was responsible for the technical implementation of the app. The app and backend system were developed and published by the eos.uptrade teams in the record time of just four weeks - an important contribution to the success of this attractive public transport service.


9 Euro App

The 9-euro ticket app allows quick and easy purchase of the ticket
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