Teamwork at eos.uptrade: Successfully switching to Kubernetes

We have been working towards this day for several months: After hundreds of hours of working with Jira, the teams involved made it happen!

A project for a well-known transportation company switched to Kubernetes (an open-source system for automating the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications).

Two internal teams – and of course the customer’s rollout team – worked together over several months to advance the process of evaluation, modernisation, configuration, testing, etc. The time was well invested, because the careful preparation meant that the final switch went smoothly, and the components meshed without any problems.

The learnings on traffic, certificates, authorisation routing, etc. from the various test systems were very valuable, so that everything worked out well in the end.

In the hours (and days) after the switch, we watched the logs and the monitoring very closely. Our client has also reported excellent figures, and our graph on this also shows very nicely that all our efforts have paid off: After the switch, the times required for a request went down significantly and the curves appear ‘smoother’, i.e., the process is now more stable (see figure 1).

There are similar experiences from other teams. The experience they gained was of course also incorporated into the planning.

Thanks to everyone involved!



Regarding the outlook for the coming year, the next thing we need to do is to make our services scalable. We are ready!

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