XiXo – The smartest ticket.

From Check-in/Check-out (CiCo) to Be-in/Be-out (BiBo).


For the smallest town to the largest metropolis.

With XiXo - Next Gen Ticketing, unfathomable fare systems and multiple ticket purchases when changing trains are a thing of the past. With XiXo.easy, your passengers can conveniently log in via app when boarding and are asked to check out at the end of their tour. Billing is then completely automatic – with Best Price Guarantee. In our portfolio overview, you can find out what other options XiXo offers to get your passengers to their destination more easily and comfortably than ever before.


Why XiXo?


From Check-in/Check-out (CiCo/CiaCo) to Be-in/Be-out (BiBo): XiXo offers the full portfolio to suit all company sizes and usage scenarios. There are different levels at which you can get started with and these can be expanded flexibly at later. Expanding into a MaaS platform is also possible.


With XiXo, data and interfaces remain the property of the transport company. We offer comprehensive reporting, tracking data & analysis options, fully GDPR compliant. Our offer also includes a modern back-end system including support.


XiXo can be implemented quickly, cost-effectively and seamlessly into existing apps and system landscapes. In addition, XiXo can be flexibly adapted to your own processes and designs. Depending on your requirements, a stand-alone solution is also possible. Another feature is the quick, easy & flexible integration into different tariff and billing structures – whether you want traditional tariff models or modern forms.


XiXo is based on intelligent algorithms that are continuously optimized thanks to machine learning, thereby leading to constant improvements in quality. This enables the exact recognition of the travelled route including changes to different modes of transport. The automatic real-time calculation of the appropriate fare with best price guarantee comes as a standard option.


One end-to-end solution – no compromises: Together with their subsidiaries Hacon, eos.uptrade and Bytemark, Siemens Mobility offers a unique portfolio of mobility solutions. As a result, XiXo is entirely implemented by specialists. Timetable information, mobile ticketing, payment, data analysis and much more– a one-stop solution.




XiXo – The full portfolio.

You decide how to offer your passengers the new dimension of smart mobility according to your individual preferences and requirements. No matter how you start – you stay flexible.



The easiest and most cost-effective way for existing eos.uptrade customers to get started with XiXo - Next Gen Ticketing is the so-called CiaCo (Check-in/assisted Check-out) ticketing with level 3. CiaCo Ticketing is also called XiXo.easy. You can find more information here:


Check-in/assisted Check-out Ticketing



Combined Power for Mobility

Together, Siemens MobilityHacon and eos.uptrade provide a unique and holistic ecosystem of digital services and solutions. From trip planning across passenger communication to mobile ticketing, payment and comprehensive Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solutions, fleet management to train planning systems and mobility data analytics, we share one common goal: enhancing the passenger experience – with our combined power for mobility.


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