Travelling smart!

Why not use your phone to buy subscriptions?

Think mobile!

More and more customers use their phones to buy shoes, journeys and most of their tickets. The exception, so far, are public transport subscriptions, although mobile subscriptions are obvious and also extremely practical for passengers.

Your digital subscription – extremely convenient and always with you

Your system will be extended so that passengers can use their smartphone to purchase their job tickets, student season tickets and other subscriptions in a digital, convenient and secure way.

Buying subscriptions with your phone? The benefits are obvious!


- Establish an early, paperless and digital connection with the ‘smartphone generation’ (pupils and students)


- From student number validation to complex security features against season ticket fraud - we have thought of everything

- A photo of the customer on his/her subscription product creates a personalised ticket, thus speeding up ticket inspection

How does it work in practice?

  • Data are retrieved online via web service or file transfer update from the sales backend
  • The photo upload is customisable. Once on the ticket, however, the photo can no longer be altered.
  • Validation of student numbers via web services with university servers



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