Capitalise on profitable partnerships

Thanks to your corporate client shop for public transport!

Win-win: Cooperate with corporate clients

The right partners will help you boost your ticket sales. Why? Corporate clients usually buy large amounts of tickets and make use of subsidised public transport tickets as a strong incentive to increase employee and customer loyalty.

You benefit – we’ll take care of the details

Our corporate client shop offers a tailored product portfolio, depending on your client’s preferences. Your different partner companies can independently use the access to the shop to provide employees, customers or visitors with tickets or subscriptions in the form of online or mobile tickets. Invoicing periods can be customised, depending on the preferences of the transport company.

The solution that leaves nothing to be desired:
Your tailored corporate client shop

Our service for corporate clients provides you with tailored solutions for selling public transport tickets.


Nice to have & highly versatile

  • Special offers for events, trade fairs & conferences
  • Permanent service for customers of car repair shops, doctors, hotels

Reduced administrative effort for companies

  • Efficient travel booking process for companies
  • Large orders by companies with a central booking system
  • Employees don’t need their own payment method to purchase company tickets
  • Improved ecological footprint: Subsidised tickets encourage employees to not use their cars, thus helping to reduce employee parking spaces in the long-term

Why not off er a corporate client shop at your local transport company to interested companies? This will create a large output at limited administrative effort.



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