Apple Pay & Google Pay:
Simple, easy & quick

Win more customers thanks to quick and easy payment processing between ticket selection and ticket purchase. eos.uptrade now offers Apple Pay & Google Pay as a payment method.


... and this is how it works:


The two innovative payment methods make purchasing tickets even quicker and more secure for users - without registration and login, without entering personal data and payment details. With this method, Apple and Google offer an alternative for both non-registered and registered users when it comes to cashless payment. The payment methods are therefore not only an option for occasional local users, but also for tourists and business travellers who find regular re-registration and entering payment methods in apps annoying. 


Privacy and data protection are paramount for the providers of these payment methods. Apple Pay does not store the credit card numbers themselves on the devices, but only encrypted and device-specific tokens in the secure element of the device. Only if a payment is confirmed by Face ID, Touch ID or by entering the device passcode, a transaction code is generated in the secure element of the device. This transaction code is necessary for users to actually carry out any payments. Google Pay transmits the payment data stored in the Google account in encrypted form to the Payment Service Provider (PSP). Unlike traditional payment methods that can be stored in the user account of the system, for example by generating a credit card token specifically for one instance, Apple Pay and Google Pay enable users to use the payment methods stored in their Apple Wallet or Google account. As a result, users only need to store a payment method once and can then use it with all apps, websites and shops that use Apple Pay or Google Pay.


One click - one ticket

Simple, easy & quick. Apple and Google Pay – the next generation of payments.

Apple Pay - Ticket

Apple Pay - Payment

Google Pay - Ticket

Google Pay - Payment


Overview of all benefits of the two payment methods:


Apple Pay

Google Pay

Payment method

Credit or debit card

Credit or debit card

Linked to

Apple Wallet

Google Account

Payment processing & reporting

Through the Payment Service Provider (PSP), not through Apple

Trough Payment Service Provider (PSP), not through Google

Payment data

Device-specific primary account number (DPAN) in the device, encrypted transmission of an individual token per payment transaction

Encrypted transmission of payment data from Google to the PSP

Implementation into existing system



Data input

no longer necessary

no longer necessary

Confirmation of payment

Through facial or fingerprint recognition or device passcode

Confirmation of payment

Transfer of personal data

First and last name for ticket personalization, email address for order confirmation

First and last name for ticket personalization, email address for order confirmation



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