The eos.ticketingSuite

The eos.ticketingSuite makes it possible to sell tickets through different distribution channels. It provides the opportunity to display both flatrate and route-specific fares and products. Passengers can decide whether they want their tickets to be sent by post, as an online ticket or as a mobile ticket within the app.

All tickets have the same monitoring and security features so that ticket inspectors don’t have to differentiate between an online and a mobile ticket. Especially for mobile ticketing, there is also the option to include additional verification features for an even quicker and more secure ticket inspection. All tickets contain a standard barcode. The security features for visual inspection can be customised.

Sales processes can be optimised for different fares but also for specific groups of customers. When selling a student season ticket, for ex- ample, it is possible to verify within the sales process if a student is enrolled and thus entitled to a season ticket. The eos.ticketingSuite also includes further validation features such as plausibility checks as well as interfaces to a wide range of payment, scoring and debt col- lection providers.

eos.ticketingSuite also provides other distribution channels, such as selling tickets directly to corporate clients. Passengers can also buy them at ticket counters, call centers and from the driver. It’s an all-in-one system that significantly reduces the effort necessary for system integration and maintenance.




“Check-In/Be-Out” (CIBO) is an upcoming technology for cutting-edge mobility and easy-to-use public transport. Board the bus – confirm Check-In with one touch – and start your journey. . That is the easy princible of CIBO.





At a glance: all information and purchase processes are displayed in one interface and tickets can quickly be bought through the web browser
– with and without registration.




The ticket machine to go – cashless purchase of all standard tickets en route. Seamlessly integrated into existing information apps, whether for iOS, Android or Windows Phone, it only takes customers a few seconds to easily buy their ticket.


A win-win for staff and company: the eos.corporateShop offers a one-step solution for booking, customising and distributing a large number of online tickets.


Complete freedom for students – since university servers are connected to the eos.ticketingSuite, it is possible to check students’ enrolment status and directly create the student season ticket.


It only takes a few steps: optimized purchasing processes and POS systems to quickly generate a ticket – without long queues and rattled nerves.


Online or mobile tickets sent by email or printed tickets sent by post – with just one call at the call center.


Two tickets for one event? Those days are over! The proven combination of event ticket and public transport ticket is now also available for online and mobile tickets. A wide range of ticket systems is already connected to the eos.uptrade interface.


Connecting smartphones and vending machines creates new services by combining the best of both worlds. This way, vending machines can, for example, be used as a payment terminal for mobile tickets.


From ticket inspection to selling tickets, including payment processing and ticket printing with a mobile printer – it‘s all in the hands of the driver.