The eos.ticketingsuite

Innovative platform for digital sales & ticketing

Higher, further, faster: eos.ticketingsuite is our new sales platform that takes ticketing to a new level.


Fast, scalable and robust

eos.ticketingsuite offers highly scalable systems and uncompromisingly fast ticketing. The online sales system reacts flexibly to large volumes of ticket requests. This guarantees extremely fast response times even during peak periods. At the same time, the system is stable and has an extremely high performance level.


Countless possibilities

eos.ticketingsuite offers countless possibilities and therefore provides a strong technological basis for your services! Bus, train or tram – the traditional means of public transport can already be fully integrated. Following the principle of MaaS (Mobility as a Service), other means of transport will also be integrated into eos.ticketingsuite in the future, e. g. bike, scooter or car sharing services, park & ride or autonomous vehicles. Furthermore, eos.ticketingsuite can be linked with a variety of other systems and applications. eos.ticketingsuite is, of course, applicable across all platforms – no matter whether on a tablet, laptop or smartphone. In addition to various B2C offers such as apps and web shops, the system also provides offers specifically focused on B2B needs such as corporate customer or API-only solutions. Due to its various integration possibilities, eos.ticketingsuite adapts to the needs of the customer.



Comprehensive one-stop solution

eos.ticketingsuite offers support for a variety of fare products to ensure comprehensive coverage of various mobility services. 

  • In addition to standard tickets, the system offers student, subscription and combo tickets. eos.ticketingsuite supports UIC and VDV barcodes and, in the future, will also support the new standard mobile+. 
  • Comprehensive payment: In addition to traditional payment methods such as SEPA Direct Debit, credit card or PayPal, popular state-of-the-art options such as Apple Pay or Google Pay are also available. Logpay, Pay Unity, Six Payment Services, Redsys and others are integrated as payment providers.
  • Convincing passengers:  Our solution enables your staff to reach their destination faster so that they can focus their efforts on the customer.
  • Management reports and detailed analyses are available that promise better and faster insights into your sales.
  • User-friendly & modern: app and back-end are extremely easy to use thanks to the latest UX & UI and they also come in a new, contemporary design. Lean registration with profile data collection or the separation of purchase and activation of tickets are only two of a number of optimized functions. 


eos.ticketingsuite’s technical basis provides comprehensive advantages

In addition to its speed, reliability and scalability, eos.ticketingsuite’s greatest asset is its multi-client capability. It is a modular system based on microservices (e.g. payment service, user management service, signing service). Due to the greater independence of the individual functions and modules, they can be updated separately and additional modules can be added flexibly. Frontend applications are logically separated from the core system, allowing independent further development of the individual components. 

Last but not least: the software is the result of a fully agile development process with interdisciplinary teams and can therefore always be adapted to current market conditions.



Combined Power for Mobility

Together, Siemens MobilityHacon and eos.uptrade provide a unique and holistic ecosystem of digital services and solutions. From trip planning across passenger communication to mobile ticketing, payment and comprehensive Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solutions, fleet management to train planning systems and mobility data analytics, we share one common goal: enhancing the passenger experience – with our combined power for mobility.


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