“Traveller Life Cycle” - There and back again: IV. eos.ticketingSummit a full success

Hamburg: Around 170 participants took part in the fourth edition of the eos.ticketingSummit in the great hall of the Emporio Hamburg on the 23rd and 24th of May. During their journey through the ‘traveller life cycle’ in the form of 17 specialist presentations, the participants got an insight into concepts and solutions for mobility platforms in areas from mobility as a service for multi-modal travel planning, to booking and ticketing, mobility data analytics and traveller relationship management. Embedded in innovative presentation and video technology, the presentations were displayed on an XL stage set.


“We are really happy that the participants once again enjoyed the format of our event”, said Michael Kujas, Managing Director of eos.uptrade. He added: “The fact that we had a record number of participants this year shows us that the eos.ticketingSummit continues to create great interest in the industry.”


Just like in past years, our aim was to offer interactive, practical and entertaining presentations to the participants. This year’s event included live presentations of new features and approaches in apps and ticketing systems as well as a number of field reports and a multitude of entertaining ways to present facts. During the eos.ticketingSummit, participants were also able to take part in a live CiBo test in Hamburg’s public transport which was then streamed live for the remaining participants at the Emporio.


At the same time, various field reports provided a deeper insight into the underlying numbers and facts. They showed, for example, how much the buying behaviour of customers changed with the introduction of Paypal and Apple Pay and how this helped to make ticketing and payment much easier for new customers.


Further presentations dealt with existing integrations for MaaS and it was shown how important the right orchestration and routing strategy can be. Another highlight was the start of the countdown to the eos.ticketingSuite going live at the public transport provider MVG in Munich. The practical examples and field reports were rounded off by the presentation of successful product integration between eos.uptrade and HaCon and of the partners’ joint solutions.


Another special feature of the event was letting the participants vote live on future developments at eos.uptrade. More than 75 % of participants used the opportunity to make an impact on future developments of the software specialist.


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