Transport Ticketing Global 2017: eos.uptrade presented an integrated mobile ticketing solution for different user groups

London: At the international conference “Transport Ticketing 2017” (24 to 25 January 2017), Hamburg-based software manufacturer eos.uptrade presented new solutions for online and mobile ticketing in public transport. Particular focus was on one of these solutions, the award-winning Check-In/Be-Out smartphone app “eos.oneTouch”.

At their joint exhibition stand at the annual meeting of the international public transport industry, eos.uptrade and its business partner HaCon presented innovative solutions for travel information and mobile ticketing.

In his presentation “Climbing the Next Level of Mobile Ticketing” on 24 January 2017, Michael Gross, Managing Director of eos.uptrade GmbH, showed mobile ticketing concepts that provide for quick and easy ticket purchase by passengers. The focus of his presentation was on vertical and horizontal linking of mobile ticketing solutions. And on the fact that a ‘third dimension’ also plays a vital role in the successful launch and further development of a mobile ticketing system: the passenger



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