Second Mobility Hackathon on its way: New ideas for the mobility of the future

Hamburg: Advancing the digitalisation of mobility - a fascinating goal both for companies and private individuals. The 60 participants of this year’s Mobility Hackathon currently have the opportunity to leave their mark on the mobility of the future. Since the first Mobility Hackathon in 2017 was a huge success, Hamburger Hochbahn and eos.uptrade now host a second Hackathon, but this time in a slightly different format.

Unlike last year, the participants do not only have 24 hours for their projects but four weeks. On 29 and 30 September 2018, the participants of this year’s Hackathon have started to present their own ideas and solutions and to set up cross-functional teams. The event organisers hope that the extended processing time will give participants the opportunity to develop their projects beyond prototype state and to implement their ideas as far as possible.

There are already lots of promising ideas by teams such as Time Saver, Guide Me, Carbonless, Free Seat or Move Hamburg. Software developers, technicians and other creative minds met on the weekend for the kick-off event of the Mobility Hackathon 2018 in HALLE 13 of Hamburger Hochbahn and have already developed some early concepts. During the event, the participants have access to interfaces by Geofox, Urban Data Hub, Hamburg StadtRAD, Transparenzportal, OSM, or

“In part, the concept of our second Hackathon is a result of the feedback we got last year. All these creative minds from different fields now have more time to implement their ideas for the mobility of the future. But of course it's still in large part about having fun together”, said eos.uptrade’s Managing Director, Michael Gross, and added: “We can’t wait to see the results four weeks from now.”

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