Osnabrück’s mobility solution of the future: digital, multimodal, innovative

In the future, the city of Osnabrück’s public utilities will offer their customers a CIBO solution as part of their digital, multimodal mobility services. eos.uptrade and highQ won the tender for Osnabrück’s “Integrated Sales System” (IVS) and will now start to implement this innovative project. As part of the sub-project “NOSY”, the online ticketing sales system for public transport in the city of Osnabrück will be completely overhauled.

“This new assignment is a real milestone for eos.uptrade”, said Michael Gross, Managing Director of eos.uptrade, and added: “We are very happy that the city of Osnabrück appreciates our integrated approach in general and our CIBO solution in particular that will provide passengers in Osnabrück with more convenient public transport services at lower costs.”

The innovative solution “Check-In/Be-Out” (or CIBO) makes it easier to get the best price ticket on your smartphone. It follows a simple principle: Board a vehicle, confirm check-in with one touch and start your journey.  

The scope of services of eos.uptrade and highQ consists of three different stages. Beginning in 2017, eos.uptrade will start the first stage of the process. This stage will see the implementation of a major customer portal along with mobile and online ticketing. During the project’s second stage, highQ develops subscription, mobility and sales backend systems for which eos.uptrade will provide single sign-on interfaces. In the third and last stage of the project, beginning in 2018, eos.uptrade will implement a smartphone-based CIBO system.

The project of Osnabrück’s public utilities began in 2015 with the launch of a multi-stage tender process. Together with highQ, eos.uptrade managed to prove itself several times throughout this process. In contrast to earlier considerations, the online sales system of Osnabrück’s public transport provider VOS will be much more comprehensive. Modern standards such as online and mobile ticketing, major customer and mobile service center solutions as well as online subscription systems will be extended by adding components such as a portal for mobility services and a Check-In/Be-Out system (CIBO) with best price ticketing and appropriate ticket inspection solutions.

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