Mobile ticket for saarVV now available

Since 18 February 2019, passengers in the Saarland region of Germany have now also easily been able to buy tickets for public transport using their mobile phones. With its mobile ticketing solution, eos.uptrade was able to win a call for tender against a number of competitors.


“The implementation of this mobile ticketing solution is a crucial step for the Saarland region, since quick and easy ticket purchase makes using public transport so much easier for both locals and tourists alike”, said Elke Schmidt, CEO of public transport provider Saarländische Nahverkehrs-Service GmbH. She added: “We have now found a competent partner in eos.uptrade for the introduction of mobile tickets in our region.”


Using the Saarfahrplan app, passengers can now select their ticket from a wide range of options such as single tickets, single or group day tickets, short distance tickets, 1st class tickets and connecting tickets for season tickets. Mobile tickets are purchased directly from within the timetable information service. They are then displayed on passengers’ smartphones as a 2D vdv barcode which can then be validated by ticket inspectors using hand-held scanners or by on-board terminals in buses. The mobile ticket shop also meets Germany's VDV-KA contactless ticketing standard.


Passengers can then pay for their tickets in the Saarfahrplan app using SEPA Direct Debit or a credit card. In addition to the app, they can also view and manage their personal data online at Plans are also in the works to add more functions to the app in the near future.


On 1 August 2005, a joint tariff, the transport association Saarländischer Verkehrsverbund (saarVV), was introduced for all forms of local public transport in the entire Saarland region. As a result, users of local public transport are able to use any of the region's public transport for their journey and only need to purchase one single ticket. The Saarländische Nahverkehrs-Service GmbH (SNS GmbH) takes care of the various duties and responsibilities within the saarVV.


The software company eos.uptrade provides online sales systems and ticketing solutions mainly for the public transport sector. The company was founded in 2000 and since then has developed into one of the most innovative software specialists.

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