Mobile and online ticketing now available for Southern German transport association Schwabenbund

Since April 2020, passengers in the Bavarian part of the Schwabenbund, which stretches from the Allgäu to the Swabian Alb, have been able to conveniently buy their public transport tickets with their phone. In this region, 24 transport companies offer their services under the umbrella of the transport associations mona (Mobilitätsgesellschaft für den Nahverkehr im Allgäu) and VVM (Verkehrsverbund Mittelschwaben). Passengers in the regions Günzburg, Unterallgäu, Oberallgäu, Kempten and Memmingen (and from now on also in Ostallgäu and Kaufbeuren) now also have the option to travel with the comfort of a digital ticket.

The Schwabenbund-Services (SBS) GmbH was founded in 2019 specifically for the operation of this system, which is unique in rural areas. eos.uptrade GmbH (“eos.uptrade”), together with a number of other consortium partners, has won an EU-wide tender for the development of a new sales platform.

The Hamburg-based software specialist developed the corresponding app VVM/mona Ticket on the basis of the company’s own FahrInfo infrastructure, which is linked to the DEFAS tariff information system. Passengers can now purchase tickets from the selected portfolio, both directly from the product catalogue and from a relation requested via the timetable information system.

Although it hadn’t been considered at the time of planning, the fact that passengers can now purchase their ticket without contact is a tremendous advantage in the current situation where public transport can slowly expect passenger numbers to rise again.

Currently available tickets include single tickets, day tickets, weekly and monthly tickets as well as special tickets. The tickets are shown as a 2D Aztec barcode on the smartphone display. In buses and trains, the ticket inspectors can then use their ticket scanners to check the barcodes. The mobile shop and the associated online sales system from eos.uptrade meet the Germany-wide standard of the VDV core application (eTicket Deutschland) with signed and correspondingly tamper-proof barcodes.

Passengers can then pay for their tickets in the VVM/mona Ticket app using SEPA Direct Debit, credit card or PayPal. Plans are also in the works to add more functions to the app in the near future.

In addition to purchasing and displaying single, day and season tickets, passengers with a subscription can have their travel authorisation displayed in the app in a simple and uncomplicated way. Thanks to this modern and convenient way of inspecting tickets, passengers will also no longer need to carry printed tickets. And most travellers nowadays have their smartphone with them at all times anyway.

In the words of Marius Maruhn, Managing Director of Schwabenbund-Services (SBS) GmbH: “With the app provided by eos.uptrade, which clearly displays connections and makes it easy to buy tickets with your smartphone, we create real added value for our passengers. Another advantage in the current situation is that this way, thanks to the app, the bus driver also doesn’t need to handle cash.”

Apart from the app, the online area at offers users another way to purchase tickets (also as printed tickets) and manage their personal data and payment information.

There are also plans to expand cooperation with tourism organisations and event organisers, since these modern forms of ticketing offer simplified access to environmentally friendly public transport, especially for visitors without in-depth knowledge of fares.

The software company eos.uptrade provides online sales systems and ticketing solutions mainly for the public transport sector. The company was founded in 2000 and since then has developed into one of the most innovative software specialists. Next to modern sales channels such as online and mobile ticketing, eos.uptrade also offers solutions for other forms of ticketing, such as check-in/check-out solutions or best-price tariffs of various tariff models (e.g. the so-called beeline tariff).

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