External authorisation & ticketing: RNV’s online subscription Abo Online now also available as a mobile ticket

Forgot your public transport ticket at home? From now on, this will happen less often to passengers in the Rhine-Neckar region! Why? Because transport provider Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr (RNV) now provides mobile versions of its four different subscriptions to make travelling even more convenient for its customers.


The mobile subscription tickets were developed in close cooperation by Sales:Consult and eos.uptrade. Within this partnership, Sales:Consult is responsible for the development and adjustment of the ordering and administration process of the single-sign-on (SSO) solution provided by eos.uptrade. All relevant subscription data will be made available through the sales backend system PT-120. Based on the imported file, eos.uptrade then creates the tickets for RNV’s different subscription products and, in the process, also generates the corresponding UIC-918 barcodes.


The mobile subscription has been made possible by upgrading the feature "External Authorisations" in the mobile shop. The displayed tickets are based on imported data sets provided by one or several external systems. The external authorisation allows for the subscription ticket to be available as a mobile ticket on passengers’ smartphones. Benefits for customers: They don’t need a separate app but can use the same app they used to buy and display their other mobile tickets. 


The second new feature in this process is the single-sign-on (SSO) feature. So far, users needed to have a separate registration and login for the online subscription and the mobile shop. As a result, they sometimes had separate login data. With the new single-sign-on feature, users only need one login. This makes travelling even more convenient for passengers and helps to avoid duplicate software running in the background.


For more information on topics such as external authorisation in mobile ticketing, online subscriptions, etc., visit the eos.ticketingSummit 2019 on 23 May in Hamburg. There we will delve deeper into these subjects during a joint specialist presentation by Sales:Consult and eos.uptrade. Join us in Hamburg for lots of exciting presentations and get an insight into concepts and solutions in areas such as intermodal travel planning, next-generation ticketing, mobility data analytics and traveller relationship management. Register at www.ticketingsummit.de.

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