eos.uptrade successful at the 2016 App Contest Hamburg

Hamburg: The app eos.onetouchTicketing of eos.uptrade GmbH was one of three apps selected for Best Beta App 2016. The winners were selected by an independent jury of experts at the award ceremony on 29th November 2016 at the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce.

The App Contest Hamburg was hosted for the second time by the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. In line with their motto “Serving Hamburg!”, the CoC presented awards to the best apps by companies or individuals based in or with an office or main place of employment in Hamburg. The different app categories of the contest were Best App, Best Beta App, Best Student Project, Best Competition Entry in the category Money, Best Competition Entry in the category Media and Best Competition Entry in the category Tourism.

Michael Kujas, Managing Director of eos.uptrade GmbH, project manager Sebastian Heyna and a number of developers took part in the ceremony. “As a company with its roots in Hamburg, we are very proud to be among the winners for best app“, said Kujas. He continued by adding: “Our main goal is to make public transport more attractive and, in particular, more convenient.”

eos.onetouchTicketing is an innovative public transport solution that provides tomorrow’s travellers with a convenient way to find the cheapest fare. In line with the software’s guiding principle “One-touch ticketing – board the vehicle – confirm check-in with one touch – and start your journey“, travellers can always find the cheapest fare, even without a prior knowledge of fares and pricing.

People’s ever changing mobility needs pose an ongoing challenge for transport companies. The ticketing process needs to be quick, easy and convenient. The upcoming technology “Check-In/Be-Out”, or CIBO, simplifies the ticketing process and is the perfect solution for the problems faced in modern travel.

The app communicates via Bluetooth with the vehicle’s on-board unit to precisely calculate the total travel time. At the same time, the cheapest fare is calculated in the background without the need for travellers to actively check out.

The software was developed in 2016 by more than ten developers. In 2017, our company will test it in a number of pilot projects with transport companies in Germany and Austria.

eos.uptrade GmbH would like to thank all employees who helped to make this award possible, the jury and the Chamber of Commerce Hamburg as well as all participants.


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