eos.uptrade at the 3rd Smart Ticketing & Digital Services Forum in Budapest

Budapest: The forum, organised by the Calypso Networks Association, took place for the 3rd time from 08 to 09 June 2017 in Budapest. Its visitors saw the latest innovations and projects in the area of smart ticketing and interoperability, both of which aim to make public transport more attractive.

In his presentation “Digital Transformation in Public Transport - Does that really change everything in ticketing?” on 08 June 2017, Michael Gross, Managing Director of eos.uptrade, highlighted the challenges of digital ticketing for transport companies and the consequences for sales systems in mobile and online ticketing in providing one’s own customers with simple but high-quality solutions in B2C sales while, at the same time, winning new customers through B2B partnerships.

In the panel discussion on Friday 09 June 2017, Sören Sörensen (SMFCON), Steve Wakeland (ITSO), Christophe Fondrier (HighQ) and Michael Gross talked about “Mobile Ticketing – What is the future for contactless media in the new mobile world?”. Among the discussed issues were also aspects of account-based ticketing and the importance of payment processes.

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