Digital subscription: The Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr GmbH presents a smart and green solution

Forgot your subscription card at home? From now on, this will happen less often to passengers in the Rhine-Neckar region! Rhein-Neckar-Verkehr GmbH (rnv), the public transport operator in Heidelberg, Ludwigshafen and Mannheim, now also offers annual season ticket holders of VRN (Rhine-Neckar Public Transport Network) the possibility to show tickets on their smartphone. This innovative solution is rnv’s next step towards climate protection and digitalisation.


From plastic cards to digital innovation

Up to now, annual season ticket holders could easily order their subscription and manage their personal data online. The actual ticket was then sent to them in the form of a plastic card. Since 9 September, subscribers can now show their ticket in the rnv/VRN mobile ticket app, so they always have it with them. For this purpose, customers only need to log into their existing rnv account at or create a new account. The subscription is then assigned to the rnv login data and customers can select the rnv/VRN mobile ticket app as the output medium. 


Sales:Consult and eos.uptrade developed this joint solution of showing subscriptions on mobile devices. Sales:Consult was responsible for developing and adjusting the ordering and administration processes in the online subscription portal (“Abo-Online Portal”) and the background system PT-120. Here, all relevant subscription data are supplied and then converted by eos.uptrade into digital tickets, allocated to the customers’ accounts and shown on their mobile devices.


Thanks to the introduction of the “rnv login”, customers now have access to rnv’s online shop, their online subscription (“Abo-Online”) and the rnv/VRN mobile ticket app. rnv - promoting passenger comfort and innovation!


The software company eos.uptrade provides online sales systems and ticketing solutions mainly for the public transport sector. The company was founded in 2000 and since then has developed into one of the most innovative software specialists.

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