The eos.validatorSuite

The eos.validator enables inspection of barcode tickets based on the international train standard UIC 918-3 or the VDV Barcode Standard as well as QR code based tickets– whether it’s printed tickets or tickets displayed on your smartphone or smartwatch.

The inspection of mobile and online tickets using visual or barcode inspection is a time- consuming process that is especially impractical at busy stations. To optimise this process, eos.uptrade has developed an innovative concept to significantly improve ticket inspection.

This new process will make barcode inspection both easier and more secure. Each ticket will be linked to the passenger’s photo, thereby making the additional inspection of another identity document unnecessary. The photos can be stored in a number of ways, making it almost impossible to exchange or falsify them:

  • The barcode can be used, for example, to store minimised versions of passengers’ photos which can then be displayed on the control unit during ticket inspection. Thanks to the passenger’s signature and its verification on the control unit, all data would be found to be correct and protected against falsification.
  • Where control units are connected to the internet, it would also be possible to automatically load a small preview image of the passenger photo from the eos.ticketingSuite after every barcode scan.

Not only barcode inspection but also visual inspection will be simplified thanks to iBeacon technology. Thanks to varying colour and character codes, ticket inspectors and also bus drivers only need to look at the mobile ticket to see if it is valid. This offers better protection against falsification while at the same time making it easier for bus drivers, for example, to recognise the authenticity and validity of new passengers’ mobile tickets thanks to the new visual inspection features. Using tailored technical aids, it will be possible to make the complex process of ticket inspection easier and faster.