The eos.reportsSuite

eos.reports not only simplifies data archiving and statistical analysis, this flexible product also helps to keep downtimes to a minimum and, in doing so, lays the foundation for the product and sales optimisation of the future.

The complete decoupling of production and archiving system allows for a continuous performance and will ensure the smooth functioning of the ticket shop. By storing data in the archiving system, we are able to significantly reduce the load on the production system as well as downtimes. As a result, the size of the stored data set no longer affects the production system.

The long-term storage and simplified analysis of data sets through pre-aggregated statistics provides transport companies with an accurate, always up-to-date overview of their sales statistics and therefore their own sales performance. eos.reports ensures a quick and reliable analysis even of very large data sets without any negative effects on the performance of the system.

Large data sets can also be exported in different ways, providing for their ideal use by transport companies. eos.reports not only offers the option to export data sets to eos.ticketingSuite, but also to the existing TICKeos system. This way, there will be no loss of data when switching to the new system.


Data archiving

All sales and customer data will be outsourced to the separate archiving system. The result will be the simplified administration of data sets as well as access to stored data at any time.

Through an interface, data sets from the archiving sys- tem are periodically and automatically retrieved by the production system, resulting in a permanent reduction of workload and therefore smooth performance of the system. The result is a trouble-free purchase process for transport companies and end users alike.



In addition to its separate archiving system, eos. reports offers a comprehensive statistics tool with pre-aggregated statistics, making high-performance data analysis a child’s play for users. Data administration is also further optimised and simplified through extensive sorting and filtering functions. Pre-aggregated statistics allow for an immediate overview of purchases by product, product groups, sales channel or payment method. Thanks to the separation of systems, even CPU-intensive statistics and large long-term data sets don’t affect the production system.