The eos.mobilitySuite

Mobile is the future and we have embraced that future. It is not only visible in the developments and solutions for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and their increasing use by passengers, but also in the increased and changing demands on people’s mobility. Today’s urban societies face rapidly changing mobility demands. The importance of owning a car as a means of transport or as a status symbol, for example, is in constant decline.

People nowadays make greater use of transport on-demand where, in addition to public transport, there is a growing proportion of other mobility services such as car sharing, car rental, taxi services, bike sharing etc. As a transport company, we have to meet these new requirements. Besides timetable information systems like HAFAS, EFA and GEOFOX®, via eos.mobility, the eos.fahrinfo App is linked to providers such as car2go, DriveNow, Europcar or mytaxi. This combination provides a wide range of mobility services for maximum flexibility.

To meet the requirements of a full-fledged mobility app and to secure customer loyalty in the long term, we expanded eos.fahrinfo and turned it into a standalone mobility app. In addition to the best public transport connection, the app now also shows complementary mobility services such as car sharing, bike sharing, car rental, taxi services and many more. This way, customers can immediately see the best services provided for the selected route and use the app to book them. Such additional mobility offers should, however, not be regarded as competition, but rather as a useful addition to the portfolio of transport companies. The result is a real “door-to-door experience” for customers