The eos.fahrinfoSuite

Studies show that adding a mobile application as a new sales channel almost doubles user frequency. That’s where eos.fahrinfo kicks in by offering easy-to-use timetable and fare information for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. And the best thing is: the app enables fully integrated mobile ticketing with timetable-based sales and full data synchronisation with the eos.onlineShop. And eos.uptrade’s apps and tickets cannot only be integrated on smartphones but also on wearables. Thanks to the innovative solutions of eos.uptrade, our customers enjoy an even greater level of hands-free flexibility in public transport. No matter which device they use – our integrated solutions are at their side from looking for the right connection to purchasing tickets. They will also inform passengers about last-minute changes to their journey with real-time data and push notifications.

eos.fahrinfo provides customers with a wide range of mobility and travel management services. Its timetable information includes features such as location detection, favourites and history function as well as preference settings. It provides detailed itinerary information including transfer stations, creates personalised door-to-door routes, offers reminder and export functions and much more. And for those familiar with the place, there is the departure board with up-to-the-minute real-time information on all current delays. The area view shows all nearby stops which can then be easily found through the augmented reality function. And the app’s LiveMap navigates the user along the remaining footpath from the station directly to the desired destination.


Customers cannot only buy products through eos.fahrinfo, but are also provided with timetable-based sales. For this, it only needs the digital library of eos.mobileShop that can also be easily integrated into other information apps. Customers can then select the fares proposed for the connection and directly book them in the shop. The ticket is then issued in the app and can be checked by ticket inspectors during the journey.


eos.fahrinfo has an intuitive user interface and is not bound to a specific information system. The front-end apps are connected with the respective information system through a standard interface and the eos.fahrinfoServer. The eos.fahrinfoServer is already connected to the following systems: EFA (Mentz), HAFAS (HaCon) and GEOFOX® (HBT). Apart from timetable information systems, other mobility services such as car2go, DriveNow, Europcar or mytaxi can also be connected to the app in combination with eos.mobility.