5th anniversary of Pascal Maas - About his career from Java Developer to DevOps Engineer

Our employee Pascal Maas had recently his 5-year company anniversary. He started with us as a Java developer, but now works as a DevOps Engineer in the hosting team. On the occasion of his company anniversary, we talked to him about his career at eos.uptrade.


Hanna: Hello Pascal, congratulations on your 5-year company anniversary! In 5 years at eos.uptrade you have certainly experienced a lot and have an exciting career behind you. Let's start at the very beginning. What originally brought you to eos.uptrade?

Pascal: On the one hand, I was dissatisfied at my old company at the time due to negative experiences in management, on the other hand, I was also looking for a professional development opportunity. Through a headhunter, I became aware of eos.uptrade at that time and found the topic of public transport tickets very exciting. The whole thing combined with an interesting tech stack and very good initial conversations quickly showed me that I would feel comfortable here.


Hanna: You started with us as a Java developer. How did you originally end up in development? What fascinated you about it?

Pascal: I had already worked as a Java developer at my previous company and found development very interesting during my studies. Additionally, I wanted to gain more experience in cloud-native microservices connectivity, which would be one of the first projects here at eos.uptrade after I started. Additionally, I was always very interested in the interactions of different components and the complex requirements of mobile ticketing. 


Hanna: In the meantime, you have moved on from a lead developer function into the DevOps area. To what extent has your area of responsibility changed in recent years?

Pascal: Through various teams and project changes, I was able to accompany many exciting topics at eos.uptrade and work on many complex projects, especially in the Java area. I was very involved in all teams in different areas also beyond the normal development; like architecture and the better connection to the infrastructure of our Java world.

Then in my most recent project, my last one as a Java developer, I was allowed to develop the team from scratch with different external developers who had never heard of Mobile Ticketing and to work on the development of the latest project. It gave us the possibility as a team to work out the bugs of the first Java project here at eos.uptrade. This knowledge, which I have been able to build up over the last few years through various projects, now helps me influencing the infrastructure and bring the threads between the different areas together here.


Hanna: How did eos.uptrade and your colleagues support you in your further development?

Pascal: Eos.uptrade and my superiors have always attentively listened to me, taken my criticism to heart and thus we regularly found topics for further training. In addition, I was always able to have very detailed discussions with my colleagues about pretty much any topic on a professional and technical level, but also sometimes a relaxed conversation in the kitchen, at lunch or even since Corona in the virtual afterwork. It took some convincing to change the department from Java developer to DevOps engineer, but in the end, we found a solution that was satisfactory for all sides.


Hanna: What has kept you personally at eos.uptrade for 5 years already?

Pascal: Good teams, demanding challenges and the will to always develop myself and tackle complex problems.


Hanna: Thank you very much for the interview and your commitment during the last years.

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