Girls in IT professions: Girls' Day 2023 at eos.uptrade

Girls' Day 2023

This year the offer was again very well received and so we were able to show eight young girls aged 12-14 everything about software development at eos.uptrade on Thursday, April 27, 2023 - finally in our office again!

Starting with the sales department, which generates the orders, to the project management, which then distributes them, to the most important part of the day, the development itself.

Here the girls were allowed to demonstrate their skills and successfully developed a game. To be able to complete the project, quality assurance was of course also part of the process.

We are proud of what the girls have achieved and would be happy to meet one or the other of them in the future as a software developer at eos.uptrade!

Many thanks to the girls and all involved for their active participation and collaboration!


Girls’ Day 

Girls’ Day, also known as "Girls' Future Day", is a nationwide career orientation day for girls in the 5th grade and above. The aim is to motivate girls and women to take up technical and scientific professions. 

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