Development opportunities at eos.uptrade GmbH – About the career of Lena Zielinski in our People Team

Our employee Lena Zielinski has been working at eos.uptrade for almost 1,5 years. She started as a working student, worked as an intern in recruiting in the meantime and since 1st of July she supports the people team as a Junior Recruiting Manager. We talked to her about her career at eos.uptrade.


Melina: Hi Lena, you've been with eos.uptrade for around 1.5 years in various roles with us on the People Team. How did you end up at eos.uptrade? What interested you about the company back then and has that impression been confirmed?

Lena: Last year, I was looking for a new challenge. In my previous working student job, I had been able to gain initial experience in active sourcing and had therefore originally applied for this position. In an interview with Hanna, the responsible recruiting manager at eos.uptrade, it turned out that there is also the possibility to work more in applicant management. Since I didn't want to do mostly active sourcing again, this position had sounded more exciting to me. That's why I decided to try something new.

The first interview with Hanna was super relaxed and I was also able to start working at eos.uptrade in a short time. I had started remotely from my place of study at that time and was very well received by the entire team despite the distance.

In general, I am very grateful for our teamwork. Everyone listens to each other, and the opinions of others are valued at all times, including those of us working students. That's why I was very pleased when I was approached and asked if I would like to take over the colleagues´ parental leave.


Melina: Did your tasks as a working student/ intern and Junior Recruiter differ? Do you feel that you were able to develop well?

Lena: Yes, definitely. As a working student, I mainly did applicant management and occasionally helped out elsewhere. Then when I started my bachelor's internship, I got more and more involved in the entire recruiting process and also participated in interviews, among other things.

I also took over the event management of our recruitment marketing and have already been able to organize the Girls' Day this year, participate in a developer conference as an exhibitor, and another developer event will follow in fall.

I have definitely developed further in this company and am glad to have been given this opportunity.


Melina: Did you feel adequately prepared for your role as a junior recruiter? What/ who helped you the most? How was the onboarding or training?

Lena: Because I was a working student, I was already familiar with the basic recruiting process. However, since I was mainly responsible for applicant management before, I still had a lot to learn. Our Recruiting Manager Hanna and Wiebke, our Head of People, helped me the most and prepared me in the best possible way. In the beginning, we had some preparatory workshops, and I participated in interviews as a silent listener. Later, I took over the moderation of the interviews. In the beginning, Hanna was still there as a backup.

Now I conduct the first interviews with the hiring managers on my own and get support from Hanna when it comes to second rounds of interviews and also the hiring decision.


Melina: Thank you so much for the interview and your time!

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