Your ticket is just one touch away

People’s ever changing mobility needs pose an ongoing challenge for transport companies. The launch of Mobile Ticketing, driven by grow- ing use of smartphones and tablets, not only provided new ticketing technologies but also resulted in higher demands of travellers. They expect the journey from A to B but also the ticketing process to be ever more simple and convenient – cashless, paperless, quicker and more secure.

Transport companies, in particular, have to meet these challenges. “Check-In/Be-Out” (CIBO) is an upcoming technology for cutting-edge mobility and easy-to-use public transport. CIBO makes travelling easier than ever before: board a bus – confi rm the Check-In with one touch – and start your journey. Passengers only need to re- gister once to be able to travel. They no longer need to buy a ticket – they simply enter their desired means of transport.

Waiting for the bus

At the start of their journey passengers receive a push notification as soon as the bus approaches. The notification contains all the information on their bus line, such as its direction, and provides them with real-time data on the next stops. To avoid that passengers are drowning in such messages – particularly at heavily frequented stops – push notifications can either be deactivated in the CIBO App or restricted to specific lines.


Check-In by the passenger

If passengers enter the vehicle of their choice, they only need to check in. Their smartphone communicates via Bluetooth with the vehicle’s OnBoardUnit. This unit can also emit an additional signal actively requesting the passenger to Check- In. All the passenger needs to do is to confirm the Check-In with one touch. The check in will be registered by the OnBoardUnit and the active ticket will then be displayed in the customer’s app.

En route

During their journey, passengers receive information on their itinerary and potential changes along the way. Users can also define and activate push notifications reminding them in time to exit the vehicle at the desired stop. Through communicating with the OnBoardUnit during the journey, the CIBO App collects the necessary data needed to calculate the fare. This process doesn’t require expensive and complex hardware: the lean OnBoardUnit always knows if the passenger is still on board.

Ticket inspection

The inspection of a CIBO ticket is just as secure as the inspection of a ticket that was actively purchased in advance. A number of security features enable visual inspection of the ticket at a glance, thereby saving time during inspection. Users, don’t need to worry whether their ticket is still valid even if they spontaneously change their route or vehicle. The system permanently updates the travelled route and adjusts the ticket. Thanks to this specific ticket and inspection mechanism, neither personalisation of the ticket nor any additional validation is required. Each ticket is unique and cannot be falsified.

Exiting the bus

Both the CIBO App and the OnBoardUnit immediately recognise when the passenger exits the vehicle. Passengers are then automatically checked out of the system (Be-Out) and informed accordingly. The automatic Be-Out process prevents passengers from forgetting to check out and, as a result, paying too much for their journey. The system always calculates the fare based on the distance travelled. The app provides passengers with a clearly arranged history of their prior journeys. This way, they can always keep an eye on the costs.

Best Price Ticketing

The system can be extended so that it always finds the best price. If a passenger uses public transport regularly, the system can be configured to combine all journeys into a daily, weekly or monthly ticket, if this solution offers the cheapest fare. This function can be additionally activated by transport companies that would like to offer their passengers such a service.



Board the bus – confirm Check-In with one touch – and start your journey. The CIBO-App communicates via Bluetooth with the vehicle’s OnBoardUnit to precisely match the travelled route with the vehicles used. The Be-Out process ensures an automatic checkout, preventing passengers from forgetting to check out. At the same time, the distance travelled by the customer as well as the appropriate fare are being calculated in the background. The system supports both the Check-In/Check- Out (CICO) as well as Check-In/Be-Out (CIBO) process. Depending on the system’s installation, the CIBO App can either communicate directly with the background system or through the OnBoardUnit, thereby creating additional functions and services for the passengers.