What is TICKeos?

The all-rounder: online tickets, mobile tickets, e-ticketing, combotickets, sales platform

Who uses TICKeos?

TICKeos is already in use by over 30 transport companies. As a shop, Abo-Online or as sales-point solution


Why TICKeos?

It serves all ticket media from all sales channels, with interfaces to background systems, universities, event organisers etc.

Mobile ticketing with TICKeos

As your own app or as a library for your existing app

The wait is over - the Apple Watch is there! EOS UPTRADE presents ticketing solution for the Apple Watch

As a leading provider of mobile ticketing solutions, EOS UPTRADE has prepared its ticketing apps for the release of the Apple Watch.

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FahrInfo App


Sales begin with easy information.

Nowadays where love for a girlfriend or boyfriend is closely followed by the love for an iPhone or Android smartphone, a fitting information app is indispensable. FahrInfo is one of the leading apps, and provides information for EFA, HAFAS and GEOFOX® for public transport and above all futher other mobility provider such as Car2Go, Europcar or MyTaxi with an intuitive user interface.

In Germany and Austria, in cities like Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Stuttgart and Salzburg, FahrInfo is already "at home". And the best feature is: a fully integrated mobile ticketing with timetable-based sales and full integration with the online shop.

TICKeos fahrplanbasierter Verkauf

Timetable-Based Sales

From the timetable directly to the ticket.

In the world of mobile apps, timetable-based sales is a convenient tool for selling customers the right ticket with the most used application on the internet. Occasional passengers and travellers easily become lost in the complex and diverse tariff structures.
But they no longer have to be lost, as the right ticket for their connection can be bought over the internet - or their mobile, using the same customer account - with just one click.

TICKeos Tarifserver

Tariff Server

If route based tickets are sold in addition to fixed price products, or if complicated tariff structures need to be displayed, TICKeos will use the FahrInfo server or other tariff servers during the sales process to ensure convenient price determination.

In this way, an existing tariff server can be employed directly for online or mobile sales using TICKeos.

TICKeos Produkt Abonnement


With the TICKeos Customer E-Service solution, transport companies offer their subscribers the opportunity to manage their personal data and contracts online.

In this way, addresses, bank account details or even the subscription travelling area can be changed. TICKeos works closely with the transport company’s background sales system, so that customer and contract data remains centrally administered.

TICKeos Produkt E-Ticket


TICKeos provides a web-based solution for e-ticket applications to end-users as well as sales points, so that not only customer and contract data can be changed, but also new customers with a new contract added or single tickets sold.

Communication occurs directly using the background system. With the TICKeos EFM module (Electronic Fare Management) it is also possible to read the chip cards using a standard read/write device and to describe them in compliance with VDV KA.

TICKeos Mobiles Ticket

Mobile Ticket

Mobile timetable information requires mobile ticketing.

The mobile ticket can be displayed on your smartphone, whether it is bought in the online shop or directly on the phone. It doesn’t matter –whether the customer is using an Apple iPhone or Android-based smartphone, ticket apps are provided for both platforms, and can be used independently, and be integrated into the FahrInfo timetable information service.

Ticket purchase can however also be made via a mobile website. In addition to the visual safety features, tickets can of course also be checked like the online ticket using UIC918-3 or VDV barcodes.

TICKeos Produkt Onlineticket

Online Ticket

The most popular ticket for travellers and event visitors is the online ticket.

Conveniently ordered at home at the computer, paid and printed out, it saves the trip to the next ticket counter. Online tickets contain an UIC 918-3 standard AZTEC barcode, so that electronic control is possible either with the appropriate inspection device or with the TICKeos KontrollApp.

In addition, the online ticket contains safety features that allow controll through a simple visual inspection, without electronic devices.

Paper Tickets

TICKeos provides a web-based application for the sale of tickets at service points and agencies.

In this way, tickets can be sold and the printout made on security paper, either by using special ticket printers or standard laser printers. Security paper administration determines exactly which paper was used for which ticket.

TICKeos Produkt Versandticket


Not all tickets are offered as online or mobile tickets.

Different dispatch types with different shipping costs can be stored for distribution tickets. Delivery can take place from within the TICKeos system, including the automated generation of cover letters.

Kontroll App

Public Transport KontrollApp

Inspection of tickets is so simple - with the TICKeos KontrollApp.

All barcode tickets generated according to the common UIC 918-3 international rail standard, as well as tickets of the new VDV barcode standard, can easily be checked using the Android smartphone app.

Central allocation of the public keys and blocking lists is as much a given as the transmission of the control data.

Events ScanApp

With the ScanApp for events, customers receive the option of online/offline inspection of the most diverse range of events.

In addition to the Online Scan mode, an offline mode is also available based on a White List, allowing very quick control with data exchange in the background. From the ticket validation function to the guest list – the Smartphone’s control service handles everything.